Hi, my name is Ethey from West Java Indonesia. In life, I believe the most important thing is to give back to nature and to support our community.


I balance my journey between the City and the Ocean. If I am not working as a Scuba Diving Instructor on the island, you will find me on the road touring with my motorcycle. I am constantly travelling, seeking out new experiences and connecting with people. 

This year moved me in a different direction. After the tourism sector collapsed; I had to get creative.


I decided to start a design & print company Ethey On Toast.

The concept?

You Can't Untoast Toast!


What's done is done, I embrace the lesson, and keep on going!


For me, it is a useful metaphor for the challenges that come up in life. 


Drawing for my clients has become my new positive outlet, plus, with every sale of my Canvas Tote Bags I can donate 50% of the profits to environmental and humanitarian causes in Indonesia.

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