An Eco Friendly Tote Bag With A Message

In partnership with Travel For Change 

my Ocean Edition Eco Bag is now available. 

These are a limited edition canvas tote bag made locally in Bandung West Java. 

This is a bag with an important message.

Each series will advocate for a different organisation I am passionate about and 50% of profits raised will go to a local charity. 

Thank You

As a passionate scuba diving instructor and an absolute lover of the ocean I have one goal; to use my designs for something good. 

The OCEAN EDITION is my signature bag featuring the #stopsharkfinning hashtag to raise awareness of this cruel and ongoing industry out at sea.

The massive decline in the shark population is a global problem. It is estimated that the required amount of product for shark fin soup tops 800,000 metric tons a year!


This is why my bag carries this important message



As a diver, I work with tourists who love sharks and want to see them in the deep blue sea. The amazing hammerhead shark is a major tourist attraction. 

Sadly, around 30 per cent of Indonesia's 117 known shark species are considered threatened or endangered.


$18.00 U.S 

International Shipping Is Available.

50% of all profits raised from the sale of my OCEAN EDITION #stopsharkfinning bag will go directly to Luminocean and BandaSEA. 

I have worked directly with the incredible people behind Luminocean & BandaSEA in Banda Neira Maluku Indonesia. Your support is grately appreciated and will help support ocean conservation projects, education and taking care of the beautiful coral reefs.

Image by Fidelia Zheng

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